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Right from the beginning of our business, we have paid special attention to the aviation clothing. The products proposed by us have increased in the course of time until covering a satisfactory range going from the professional pilotÕs clothing to the generic aviation clothing.
The professional clothing consists of a well aimed choice of products the most common ones being the following : pilotsÕ shirts and epaulettes, jacket sleeve bars, NATO type sweaters, black silk ties, gold-plated pilot wings.
The generic aviation clothing is aimed to the aviation fans and includes pilot jackets of the following types: RAF Irving leather jackets, MA-1 US cloth jackets (available also in childrenÕs sizes), G1 Avirex leather jackets, CW US cloth jackets, Italian blue-color sweatshirts with embroidered golden eagle and / or ITALIA left-shoulder badge. US-made cotton tee-shirts in a wide range of aeronautical subjects (both civilian and military) and colours. Baseball-type caps (wool / polyester or cotton) in a wide choice of aeronautical subjects.
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    Product Name+   Price 
 A. M. I. Belt   A. M. I. Belt   14.90EUR 
 AAA  Scarf   AAA Scarf   8.00EUR 
 Alpha Industries Woman Jacket   Alpha Industries Woman Jacket   102.00EUR  30.60EUR 
 AM Green Vest Flyer's Man   AM Green Vest Flyer's Man   36.00EUR 
 AM Grey Vest Flyer's Man   AM Grey Vest Flyer's Man   36.00EUR 
 Aviation Ties- Sealplanes   Aviation Ties- Sealplanes   24.00EUR  19.20EUR 
 Aviation Ties- Space age   Aviation Ties- Space age   24.00EUR  12.00EUR 
 Blue Belt   Blue Belt   5.50EUR 
 Blue Belt WWII   Blue Belt WWII   44.50EUR 
 Canadian caps   Canadian caps   13.50EUR 
 Cappello in Pelle Marrone Invecchiata   Cappello in Pelle Marrone Invecchiata   59.00EUR 
 Cotton Civil Pilot cap   Cotton Civil Pilot cap   12.90EUR 
 Cotton Military Pilot cap   Cotton Military Pilot cap   12.90EUR 
 Cotton ULM cap   Cotton ULM cap   12.90EUR 
 Flight suit Black   Flight suit Black   95.00EUR  28.50EUR 
 Flight suit Blue   Flight suit Blue   95.00EUR  28.50EUR 
 Flight suit Dark Beige   Flight suit Dark Beige   95.00EUR  28.50EUR 
 Flight suit Light Beige   Flight suit Light Beige   95.00EUR  47.50EUR 
 Flight suit Light Blue   Flight suit Light Blue   95.00EUR  28.50EUR 
 Flight suit Oliv   Flight suit Oliv   95.00EUR  28.50EUR 
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