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Pilot accessories represent a very consistent part of our Catalog and include all those products intended to make the pilotsÕ life easier.
They range from the Jeppesen Tri-Fold and Three-Ring Tri-Fold kneeboards, to the innovative Design 4 Pilots kneeboards (in particular the iPad kneeboard ) and the Aerodina kneeboards. But it is not to be overlooked the importance of the Yoke Clip, the Organizer, the Radio-Carrier, the Timer-carrier and the Pencil-Clips.
As concerns the Pilot Logs we have all the most common types: the Professional European Logbook, the Pilot Logbook, the Professional Pilot Logbook, the standard italian Libretto di Volo , as well as their suitable leather covers, including the ASA ProfessionalÕs and the JAR-FCI LogbookÕs.
The Flight Cases are indispensable to all the pilots who want to have all that is needed for their flights within reach. Many are the excellent Jeppesen types: Premium, Airline (all leather); the Aviator Bag, the Captain Bag, the Navigator Bag and the Book / Student Bag (all made of heavy-duty cloth). We are also distributing Design 4 PilotsÕ Crosscountry, Airliner, Daily (all made of very strong cloth ).
Even though not pertaining to the pilotÕs personal outfit, but of great help at take-off and landing, we have a full range of windsocks (length: from 1 to 6 meters) that we usually supply to airfields and airports.
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-Assorted flight accessories -Flight cases
-IFR training aids -Electrical Accessories
-Helmets -Kneeboards fightboards Yoke Clip

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New Products For July
Pilot Backpack
Pilot Backpack
Fuel Tester Cacciavite
Fuel Tester Cacciavite
Transparent pockets A5 for the kneeboard Profi
Transparent pockets A5 for the kneeboard Profi

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